Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pix of Pontllyfni Glauc

Was down in Porthmadog today and had a look off Black Rock where there was a fine drake Long-tailed Duck. Prints available:
The glauc is a beaut but was ranging from Pontllyfni up to Dinas Dinlle where these pix were taken last thing this afternoon.  Watched it cruising towards Dinlle like an arc of ivory against the sea cliff.  It was a brut, bill snapping at anything that got on its patch.

 Certainly think its got a light eye coming through and not beady and dark.  Going to leave it to the pros' tho....

 Not sure what they're feeding on, not star fish, something small; shrimps maybe-a big concentration at Dinlle:


  1. Nice one Rob. There certainly does seem some 'pale' in the eye there.
    If you want pictures of white-wingers check this out - http://birdingfaroes.wordpress.com
    The invasion sounds unprecedented!

  2. Good papparazzi work there Rob - looks good for 2nd winter + with that pale eye.

    Whatever it's age - an absolutely stunning bird!