Thursday, 5 January 2012

Martin Garner - Birding frontiers - next wednesday Bangor Birdgroup

Not to be missed and everyone welcome to Bangor Birdgroups talk next wednesday.
Doors open 7 -7.30 pm, Brambell building, just down from the station.
Non members welcome (entry = a couple of quid).
Lets try and get a bumper attendance so try and make it if you can, that includes you down there on the Lleyn, Andy Clarke, Eddie and the like!
There are still spaces on the day out on the thursday @ £50 a head, but afterwards you'll even be able to ID what subspecies the Feather Lice are on your GND's Andy!
If interested post here or even better contact Alan Davies via the Tinternet.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the reminder Steve! Really looking forward to this talk (not sure about Eddie and the like - lifts available).

    I'm sure most of the subject matter will be beyond me! Please wake me up if anyone mentions Canada Goose subspecies...

    A day out grilling feather lice sounds good but £50 is a tenth of the price of a new Swaro eyepiece - never mind the scope. Think I'll pass on that.

    Wish those Austrians would open the optical equivalent of Poundshop.