Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pontlovely gulls

Returned to Pontllyfni this afternnon with Reg and Andy. The gull flocks were concentrated halfway between Pontllyfni and Dinas Dinlle. The three white wingers were showing well if a little distant and were very easy to loose amongst the throngs of large gulls.

Simon's Glauc - a striking almost all-white bird with just some faint pale colourng on the mantle. 1st winter seems to fit best. It was telling that when a peregrine buzzed the flocks this gull was the only one that stayed on the deck - cool

Adult Iceland - nice : ) and a plumage tick for me. Looked quite chunky and deep chested - very differnt from this (not that you can tell from the pic):
1st winter Iceland. A tatty slender bird and very attenuated - reminded me of a peacock the way it almost dragged its rear end around.
A few Great Northerns on the sea as well as a pair of goosanders and the usual Mergansers and Shags.


  1. Yes, that Glauc was well hard. It might have moved for a Gyr but not a poxy Peregrine :-)

    I dare one you ringers to process that thing - it would take your bloody head off. Imagine that on the coroner's certificate.

    Great to catch up chaps

    Good Birding