Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ringed Brents feedback

Some of the Brents at Beddmanarch were read by KC before Christmas included:

Right=Red K, L= Blue L ringed 05.08.07 on Axel Heiburg Island, N Canada.  Its a returning bird resighted in Iceland, Foryd Bay and Beddmanarch

Right=Red K, L= Blue I ringed 05.08.07 as above

Right=Yell I, L=Yell T ringed at Wexford Slobs 13.02.08 resighted in Iceland, Dublin and N Ireland.

Right=White C, L=White 2 ringed in Dundrum Ireland 09.01.08 resighted in Iceland, Strangford Lough-N Ireland and new in from there to Holyhead.

Right=Red J, L=Blue C ringed 05.08.07 Axel Heiburg Island only resighted Strangford Lough and Beddmanarch

Right=White D, L=White P ringed 09.01.06 at Strangford, N Ireland resighted Iceland, and interestingly from Isle of Lewis April 2010.

Keep on looking through the birds especially over incomming and falling tide and send info to EURING or Graham McElwaine with multiple records at:
Oh and checkout Axel Heiburg Island on google earth!

One of the Brents at Beddmanarch that has been ringed - it's not one of Ken's combinations though!

A juvenile Pale-bellied Brent - not the belly collour and the lack of white neck collar.

Part of the flock at Beddmanarch Bay. It's well worth looking out for ringed birds amongst this lot and those on the Foryd as they've travelled a long way to be here!

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  1. Interesting stuff Rob - this is where the ones that were 'read' on the Foryd had come from.
    Good numbers at Beddmanarch Bay this year, including a good number of juvenile birds.
    Bit more about the place here -