Saturday, 14 January 2012

Surfies are back!

Perfect Scoter watching weather today and the conditions didn't disappoint. Two drake Surf Scoters were picked out of the throng of Common Scoter off Beach House Road, Llanddulas with quite possibly another single amongst the flock (never quite saw three in the same sweep of the flock). Every now and then the birds took flight and a total of 11 Velvets were picked out (a group of 4 consisting of 3 drakes and a female, another group of 4 drakes at the Pensarn end, a pair and a lone female). A pair of Scaup were seen too. Many Red throated Divers, Great Crested Grebes and at least 10,000 Common Scoter.
The immature drake Eider was showing well of Rhos Point.
A look at the recycling centre at Abergele was exciting with many hundreds of gulls roosting on the roofs of the buildings here. A few classic 'argentatus' Herring Gulls were amongst the 600+ large gulls.
Conwy RSPB produced a lovely Firecrest and quite possibly a second further along the track. At the south end there was a Jack Snipe along with 11 Common Snipe showing in the superb light.


  1. Great find with the surf scoters Marc, stunning birds in near perfect conditions. Three drakes seen together a while after you left and having an almighty scrap between themselves with one bird finally flying further away leaving the other two together.

  2. Had a drake back on 6.11.11 from Llanddulas. Today was the best weekend weather conditions probably since! Great multiple find again!

  3. Best conditions for very long time.Still a great find with all the large rafts of Scoter out there.