Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pontllyfni Kumlien's Gull


  1. Are people happy that this wasn't the Iceland Gull from last weekend? In the only shot of that the primaries don't look white and the tertials show dark as in some of the shots of this bird although that does depend on light even different in some of these shots.

    1. Discussed this with Reg this afternoon - he seems happy it's a different bird.

      It's got a different bill & mantle pattern etc. We were also looking very hard for pro-Kumlien's features but could not see any dark marks in the primaries then.

      Calling Reg... any additional comments?

  2. Interesting. I was down on the 8th (Tues) and saw a first winter Iceland, a rather weak and 'thin' looking individual. I wasn't convinced from Steve's photos that this was a different bird but looking at the flight shots later, it is a completely different beast. It looks a lot paler and as Mark says, a lot 'beefier' than the bird I saw. As to why its a Kumliens I need to do a bit more reading up, and hopefully get down there at the weekend!