Monday, 9 January 2012

Message from Seaforth Gull Junkie, Pete Kinsella re. Glaucous Gull ageing and origins.

The Glauc is an interesting one. Although we get the odd very pale looking 2ndw and 3rdw, they nearly always have some grey on the mantle and more advanced bill patterns as well as a pale iris.What we do get occasionally are these ( often really big) very pale creamy 1stw Glaucs that are probably from the Greenland, Iceland and Northern Canadian populations know as "leucerectes".In this popoulation the first years often lack the biscuit coloured tones so often found in nominate birds.I had one of these birds at Richmond Bank, Cheshire last winter and I sent a pic to Martin Garner with my thoughts on its potential origins to which he agreed.
Pete Kinsella


  1. Many thanks for the message guys - certainly an interesting bird.

    Be great if it sticks around and some closer photos are obtained.

    Good Birding


  2. Thanks for the insight. I remember seeing one on Lake Ontario many years ago and being intrigued by the very pale plumage but apparent first winter bill pattern. If the Icelands are coming from the NW there must be a few of these lurking around too.