Saturday, 25 February 2012

adult Iceland Gull - Colwyn Bay

The adult Iceland Gull left it late on Friday evening to make an appearance and flew in at 5.40pm. The gull rosst can be found just east of the new coastal development and breakwater. A few hundred Gulls can be found here during the afternoon but during the hour before dark this number increaces dramatically with 1000+ Gulls making their way to the cordoned off section of beach. 12 Lesser black backed Gulls, some nice juv 'argentatus' Herring Gulls, 5 Greater black backed Gull, many Common and Black headed join the large number of Herrings each night.

This will be a site which we visit in next weekends Martin Garner gull i.d. day. One place has been made available and if you would like to take this place get in touch with me. This should be a superb day in the Conwy area searching through gulls, talking i.d. and learning about sound recording. Martin is full of knowledge and there will be a lot of learning going on.

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