Sunday, 19 February 2012

Big Bird showing well in Llandudno!

........or perhaps it could be entitled Diary of a Big Dipper! Work comitments meant the earliest I could go for the Yellowthroat was Saturday. However my Wife was playing Hockey, I had the Kids and Rhian's parents who normally provide cover, were in South Wales for the Weekend (ironic). I opted for taking the Kids to my parents in St Helens and striking out from there. However Tony White was on-site and feeding back the negative news and he stuck it out till about 1pm. It was only at 2.15 that I heard the bird had been seen so that was too late to get there from St Helens so we went back home to Anglesey. I had family tickets for Sunday to see Sesame St live in Llandudno at 2pm. I thought about going down overnight to get on-site for dawn but I would have to have left around 9 - 9.30 to get to the show on time, which didn't give me much time to try for the Yellowthroat so I didn't go.

The bird was showing at 7.50 am aaaaaaarghhhhhh!!!!!! Doh! Martin Jones heard my screams from 10 miles away this morning! So I had a far more casual day with the family watching Big Bird and co in Llandudno, even though Ken tried to stress me out even more by texting "possible Pacific Diver, Holyhead Harbour" as I was just walking into the Theatre!

Bert and Ernie were great and there's something about Ernie (the Laugh perhaps) that reminds me of Simon ;-)


  1. So you choose this yellow bird over the yellow bird in Gwent :P

    1. Easy now Steve - sounds like a most wise, family-friendly decision. Lovely tarsus shots there.

      There's nothing quite like the demented anguish of a frustrated twitcher. I'm a peaceful man but nearly nutted a guy who I was sharing a holiday home with on Shetland a few years ago - he was like a teenage girl locked out of her Boyzone concert when he couldn't get to the Sibe Thrush on the next island: bloody annoying!!

      Or next time just drive there and lock them in the car ;-) - and yes, I have seen this happen before in order to satisfy one twitcher's lust for a Welsh tick!

      Pacific Diver sounds interesting - might even go for a look myself!

      Sleep well and fret not :-D

  2. Hi Andy, I hope you are keeping well on this fine evening.
    @ Alex - If you ever meet a girl, get married and have children, then this is the kind of dilema that you may one day have to deal with, ok? Ps. I've seen loads of Yellowthroat's of several different species abroad so it's not the end of the world ;-)Am a bovered = obviously!

  3. Sorry Steve, I was put up to it... haha! I hope it stays around long enough for you to make the journey down :)