Sunday, 26 February 2012

Montgomery Mealy....

Paul Leafe had an interesting Redpoll session at The Flash, Welshpool today. His camera battery went dead after one picture of the Mealy unfortunately. Two Mealies present and a large dark bird which sounds mightily interesting.
The above pictures shows great front on profiles of a Mealy redpoll and a Lesser Redpoll at the Flash today. Note the mealy coloured tones on the face and flanks, as well as the more frosty appearance to the cheeks, flanks and wing. The square headed, bull necked appearance is quite striking and shows that it is a good way of separating the two species.


  1. A great find, these are stunning birds.

  2. The undertail coverts of the Welshpool Mealy are typical of this species. The longest feathers have broad 'arrowhead' shaped centres, while the more well marked birds such as this one show thinner dark shaft streaks on many of the adjacent feathers.