Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mystery Bird

Someone had this bird coming to their feeders near Amlwch in 2009. I think it's just a Great Tit with totally aberant plumage and no tail. Anyone else got any suggestions?


  1. Reminds me a bit of a tailless Penduline Tit; but I think it is Great Tit too.

    1. Male Desert Wheatear!

      No, seriously, I haven't got the foggiest - looks a bit like one of those porcelin birds of unknown (as in made up) species that my Granny used to have stuck on her mantlepiece. This also does look a bit plastic and glued in place.

      Considering how inbred the human population is on the island it could well be a totally new endemic...


  2. Sorry that this is not about the above bird. How can I start a thread, I've no idea and I would like to share e.g my photos of the huge flock of Starlings I saw yesterday. The above bird maybe a Hawfinch or a Chaffinch. I think its real not stuck up there.

  3. I thought it looked more like a dodgey house sparrow but I agree with Andrew's comment... porcelin all the way ;)

  4. IMHO it's bigger than you first think. It's a lot further away than the feeder looking at the ivy/creeper on the tree. Looks "pinkish" on my laptop - a bit like ?