Thursday, 2 February 2012

North Wales Rarity League - last chance!

I'm re-posting this to get some more interest going. Thanks to the dozen or so of you who have taken part already, but there's lots of you who haven't. I will put together a spreadsheet of enteries over half term so please get your entries in by next Friday, February 9th at the latest. One extra rule for those of you who haven't put entries in - birds that have already been found don't count - Surf scoter, Kumlein's Gull, Bean Goose and Mealy Redpoll. Send your 10 to the emails below:-
Good luck!

It's back by popular demand - the North Wales Rarity Prediction League.
The last Champion was Mike Duckham in 2006 who took the crown by expertly (or spookily) predicting a Stilt Sandpiper to appear in North Wales. Why not have a go this year.
Rules are:-
- competitors choose 10 birds they predict will occur in North Wales in 2012.
- the bird must be found between January 1st and December 31st, 2012.
- the bird must be found in Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire or Wrexham.
- the bird must be a Welsh or British Rarity.
- the bird must be photographed, seen by many or accepted by the relevant authorities; BBRC or WRP to count.
- scoring is calculated using the WRP rarities database.
- Prediction lists can be accepted at any time throughout the year, however birds do not score if the prediction list arrives after a bird is found.
- Prize is only small but the bragging rights are huge!

Scoring will work like this:-
- 25 points for a first for Wales
- 15 points for a BBRC rarity seen five times or less in Wales.
- 10 points for a bird seen between 6-10 times in Wales
- 5 points for a bird seen between 16-30 times in Wales
- 2 points for a bird seen between 30-100 times in Wales
- 1 point for a Welshh rarity seen over 100 times in Wales

For a list of birds that are on the BBRC list and WRP list please check out the following links:-

Please e-mail your 10 predicted rarities in North Wales for 2012 to:- or

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