Sunday, 19 February 2012

Llanddulas gulling

Spurred on by Marc's recent post I spent the last hour of light checking the gull flock off Beach House Road, Llanddulas. There was a fascinating selection of Common Gulls present allowing good views. The flock included one possible heinei candidate owing to its noticeably darker 'thunder cloud' grey uppers in direct comparison to the other adacent adult birds and appearing slightly larger. This bird also seemed to have less white showing in the visible folded primaries.

Other gulls of interest included 3 Med Gulls; an adult still in winter plumage, a first winter and an intriguing bird with fully white primaries but a dull, 2nd winter-type beak - perhaps a third winter, although this age doesn't appear to be acknowledged much as most references seem to jump from 2nd winter straight to adult, any comments welcome...

Also 27 Bewick's Swans with Mutes in Shotwick fields whilst on my way to visit the in-laws earlier on.

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