Monday, 27 February 2012

World's End that time of year again!

The best way to view all the birds at World's End is from the car. Birds are fine with cars but flush easily once people get out and walk about. Use the car as a mobile hide along the minor road and with patience you will get great views of all the birds here. Black Grouse are Schedule 1 protected birds so you need a licence to photograph them, but have never heard of anyone having problems taking pics from the car. Head out across the moor with a camera and that would be illegal if birds flushed, which of course they would. Not only illegal but not good for the birds so please this Spring can people view ONLY from the road. Every year some people just have to get a little closer and the birds are disturbed.

Enjoy the birding but please leave the birds in peace for their sake and other birders that follow.

Many thanks and good birding

Alan and Ruth

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