Friday, 3 February 2012

Traeth Harlech 03/02/12

Another low tide count on Harlech beach today. Conditions looked promising with calm seas and no wind. Ironically, visibility was poor due to heat disortion ( at -4!) Most scoter were shimmering black blobs in the distance. Apart from these

So no Velvets, never mind a Surf.
Fortunately some birds were more considerate and were closer in (if mostly submarine)

Two Slavs

A couple of nice adult little gulls were patroling the beach splashing into the water occasionally after prey. Sadly, far too quick for an old-school digiscoper ; )

A couple of Black-necked Grebes were very welcome - not as regular here as in the past. I was a bit baffled after looking through my pictures back home. What do you think? Are ther 2 or 3 birds?
Reckon only two, but remarkable how summer-plumaged the male(?) looked the further away it gotBack on dry sand numbers were down for all waders apart from Knot which were up to 505 : )

[Another 504 knot are available]

At the northen most point of the beach a young Great Northern Diver floated downstream in the channel between Black Rocks and Halech beaches catching crabs.

Driving home from Harlech a red kite drifted south towards my old school - a sight that would have had me falling off my seat a few short years ago ; )

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  1. Great selection Rhys! As said previously it's a top site that's totally underwatched - the wader numbers are always 10x that of the Porthmadog side of the estuary due to the persistent disturbance by dogs, people and learner drivers on Black Rock Sands.

    Shame/brilliant it's hard to get to - must make the effort for more trips there.

    Hard to tell how many BN Grebes you had from the distant images but good to know they're still using the site.