Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bunting reports

6 Snow Buntings still Kinmel Bay this am - John R

2 Lapland Buntings "reported" Connah's Quay NR - anyone know who?

5 Purple Sands Rhos Point - Julian W

Just back from three days of brilliant guiding in Norfolk so many good birds!

Alan and Ruth - has blog about Norfolk please take a look.


  1. according to birdguides the lapland buntings have been present from the east hide for 2 days...

  2. Lapland Buntings are on Oakenhalt Marsh, so seen from the WEST HIDE. I've just spoken to a DNS member who has seen both birds today. They were seen at High Tide on an 'Island' of Salt-Marsh created by the high water.

    1. Oops, typo. DNS Recorder, obviously :-)