Saturday, 18 February 2012

Common Gull build up - Med, possible 'heinei', darvik and mystery.

It will be interesting to see where this one comes from. A dead Common Gull found by Rob and I at Pensarn a few winters ago was ringed in southern Norway as a chick.

A dark mantled bird. Just a variation of our 'canus' race or a possible Russian 'heinei'?

1st winter Med Gull - the first of the season here. Numbers should build up to double figures between now and mid March.

Paler mantled bird in the middle of the flock.

Another picture of the paler mantled bird. Any comments welcome?

An exciting couple of hours on the beaches between Colwyn Bay and Llanddulas this evening as the gulls came in to roost. There has been a big build up of birds over the past week and upwards of 2000 Common Gulls were present by dusk. Mixed in were a single 1st winter Med Gull, 800+ Herrings (including 20+ argentatus), 12 Lesser Black backed Gulls, many GBBGs and BHGs.
Above are some photos of the Med Gull at Llanddulas, a darvik ringed Common Gull (in the past white darviks have come from the Netherlands but I'll let you know when info comes back), a darker mantled Common Gull which stood out on every scan was possibly a Russian Common Gull of the 'heinei' race. The last two pictures have me puzzled, the bird was very pale mantled and quickened the pulse when I saw it. Unfortunately, the flock flew as I was trying to get a picture and I missed it's head structure. The mantle looks good for Ring billed Gull, but not sure about the worn coverts and tertials. Any comments?


  1. Good work Mr Hughes!

    Dark mantled = presumed henei?

    he pale mantled thing immediately got me thinking of Ring-billed' - hope it shows again and you get some head shots.

    Have Common x Ring-billed have ever hybridised?

  2. There was a Ring-billed in Lancs in 2010 that was accepted as a hybrid... (gutted for me who still needs it)

    The darvic seems to fit Norway, Marc