Tuesday, 20 March 2012

3cy 'argentatus' Herring Gull? Comments welcome.

This monster of a Herring Gull stood out in the gull roost at Colwyn Bay this evening. The dark 'adult' mantle feathers stood out as well as the large two toned 'glaucous' type bill. The breast was a brown / grey wash and the head was also grey washed, most unlike the similar aged 'argenteus' Herring Gulls.

You tube video of the gull - click here

Any comments woulkd be most welcome. Sorry for the quality of the video, I was using the family snapper - please don't ask me what happened to my beautiful Leica D-LUX :-( !!


  1. Sos Marc the vid kept sticking.You're the local gull-boy. What do Duckers and the boys who hang out on the Mersey near Moore think?
    What happened to your camera? You didn't fall over and drop it in a stream like me did you ;-)
    That reminds me I still have your socks ta. Have you still got my Malawi book?

  2. I think it fell apart like his other kit of the same brand. Other brands are available of course.

  3. Martin Garner says it's an 'Argie' - nice one - a county plumage taxa find tick !?!?!