Friday, 9 March 2012

Photographing Spectacled Eiders

I just thought I would mention it in case anyone is interested. On Saturday 5pm ish I may be heading down to Exeter. On Sunday morning I am hoping to go to Living Coast in Torquay. It is an outdoor free-flying Seabird Zoo/aviary. It is great for photographing Spectacled and King Eiders up close. Also they have Inca Terns, Tufted Puffin, Pigeon Guillimot, Red legged Kittiwake just to name a few. So it's a great chance to see some of these Pacific birds up close and a great spot for photography. I have been twice before but the Spectacled Eiders have always been in eclipse, so they should be in breeding plumage now. If anyone fancies coming down give me a bell as I will be heading along the A55 corridor on Saturday evening.


  1. 'a great chance to see some of these Pacific birds up close'

    - one wonders about the origins of that Long-billed Murrelet on your British life list!

  2. The words of a bitter man who never got it on his list ;-)