Monday, 5 March 2012

Selection of NW type Redpolls on Fair Isle

Struggling to move these pictures around. Took me ages to upload them. 'Rostrata' in the hand is my photo but the other 3 in the field are by Mark Breaks. Hopefully, I label the rest correctly because they keep moving around on me. The top is a 'Icelandic' type. 2nd is a juv 'Greeenland' type. Shame you cant see the rumps. Another beast of a Greenland in the bottom pic. All the NW type Redpolls are tame unlike the much rarer Lesser Redpolls that turn up on the island.


  1. Nice post Rob.
    Just a reminder of the headaches on the Great orme last April -

    Still none the wiser really, although after watching the Redpoll flock at Titchwell in Norfolk last month, the Coues' candidate certainly remains just that.

  2. Good one Rob, I knew you were saving these for the right time!