Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More migrants

Another good day on the island with a juvenile Glaucous Gull early afternoon being the best bird. Also 3 Black Redstarts, 2 Wheatears, 2 Sand Martins, 2 Snow Buntings and Lapland Bunting and a Yellowhammer were amongst the pick of the crop. There were about 700 meadow pipits again and a flock of 60+ (mostly stunning adult males) Pied Wagtails!

There were a few Fieldfares and Redwings again (some of the Redwings are the Icelandic race T.i.coburni.)

The only other news is that the first Manxys were back ashore last night. Having made the 17,000km trip to Argentina just four or so months ago, they are now coming back, another 17,000km (that is assuming the birds fly in a straight line to and from the wintering grounds which we know they don't ).


  1. If this post doesn't tempt you out of bed early tomorrow- nothing will! Cracking stuff Steve.

  2. all down to Ben though, ive been bust getting unpacked and getting back into the swing of things having been away from home for 2 1/2 months. I may get out tomorrow though!

  3. Shouldn't he be in school ?!!! ...... That's the jealous part in me speaking ;-)

  4. How can you tell the Redwings are Icelandic? What features do you look for?

  5. I was going to ask that Mr C. I didnt even realise there was sbsp but looking at the pic on the BBFO blog something looks a bit different, darker looking, cream super instead of white on nominate and more spotted throat seem different features but probably none of these! Great pix of Bens on the blog- love the yellowhammer. I wonder if the pollen cone is partly due to honeydew also; having seen lots of aphids recently?

  6. Hi All,

    Redwing racing in fairly straightforward. T.i.iliacus form Feno-Scandinavia is smaller and paler, with whiter supercilium and a wing length of up to about 120ish. The Icelandic birds T.i.coburni are larger, darker upperparts and generally a lot more heavy with darker, heavier streaking on the breast and a more richly coloured super. They have a wing length of 119 or over I think. Some can be touching female Blackbird in size. I don't have a copy of Svensson to hand as I am in bed writing this, but I think the measurements are about right.

    And yes Marc, he should be in School, spoken like a true Headmaster!!