Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring is in the air 18.03.2012

This Grey Wag was making itself at home on the Afon Wygyr in Cemaes.

This first year Med showed well at PenrhosCP. (Above and below)

These birds will be in Iceland soon, then Mid Arctic Canada to breed! This always blows me away!

This male White Wag was in the Cafe fields at South Stack. Ace spot this time of year and a great Cafe too!

Blue tit and Cherry blossom. I put this in for Zac as he has a thing for Blue tits. I think he'll grow out of it ;-)

Rhea in Llanrhuddladd. Well, my posts wouldn't be the same without something totally plastic in there would they? Is it Greater or Lesser?


  1. Had a superb male Black Redstart and 2 wheatears at South Stack this morning, looking over the wall towards the lighthouse from the far car park nr the steps.

  2. Cheers for the Blue Tit, Steve :P They are so awesome! Can't wait to write my first paper on them!


    1. Nice photos Steve

      My Welsh Captive list is tiny but I was delighted to see farmed Ostrich (not Osprey) in Ceunant, Llanrug a decade or so ago.

      Gotta wonder if a small feral poplulation might establish itself in the area. Coming to a peanut feeder near you soon?

  3. From my extensive experience of rhea's over many years I'd say greater Steve, then again... Caf is great at south stack and well recommended.