Sunday, 25 March 2012

Criccieth corvids.

There were a couple of cool crows enjoying the unseasonal sun at Criccieth today. The Nordic Jackdaw that has been present here for a while seems to be paired up and showed well around the hotel roofs and adjacent fields on the West Shore.

Whilst in the afternoon, this smart Hooded Crow was enjoying a stroll along the Prom:

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  1. Hi Elfyn. Nice shots. I'm not sure what to make of these Jackdaws. I had one just like your bird this time last year in Llangefni building a nest. I don't think they look like classic Nordics but could hve some Nordic genes in there, a bit like Hoodie Hybrids.I've noticed that Jackdaws do appear brighter this time of year as the breeding season arrives and wonder if some birds simply develop a brighter plumage than others with paler cheeks and a white neck collar to a certain extent?