Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ringed R. Clwyd Great Blacked Backed Gull details

I came across the above 3rd cy Great black backed Gull on the River Clwyd in September. Details of the bird arrived today (thanks to Chris Honan):-

2CJ (BTO metal ring MA20687) was ringed as a Great Black-backed
Gull pullus (pre-flight juvenile) on Ireland's Eye, an island off
the coast of Dublin, on 27.06.2009. Yours (17.09.2011) is the
first recorded sighting of 2CJ since it was ringed.

All interesting stuff.


  1. Nice one Marc.There's been a coloured ringed Comorant on the River Clwyd and i just cant make out the lettering on the Lime green darvic. John

    1. Nice one John. It would be good to see where that one came from- especially as there was a 'sinensis' race bird there at the weekend.

  2. actually this is a different bird to the one I saw ringed at the same time last year.. i thought you'd refound it and read the one i'd previously saw. It flew off before i could get the number. Nice to get the info back though!

  3. regarding the cormorant john, i read a green darvic ring a few months ago and Chris sent off the number... could be the same bird?

  4. I'm, pretty sure Chris said the green ringed Cormorant was ringed on Puffin Island.