Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mealy Magic - Great Orme today.

This morning saw a big increase in the number of Redpolls over. I managed to tempt some 50+ birds down into the hawthorns with the iPhone, with many more passing overhead. Amazingly just 2 Siskins were involved in the movement; a huge reduction. The bird above appeared with one group - paler than accompanying Lessers, nice white rump with white tramlines up the back, a white disk around the cheek, white vent and undertail coverts with a few dark streaks, much less buffiness on the whole, all just about visible in the one picture I managed to grab of it before in continued North West - surely a Mealy? Another was caught on Hilbre today - not a million miles away as the crow flies - pics of that one here -
All the other bits and bobs on the Great Orme blog - including a bird even rarer than Mealy Redpoll on the limestones! You'll be surprised :-)

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