Monday, 5 March 2012


Following on from Steve's post, this stunner of a Redpoll was on Bardsey in autumn last year. Any comments?
It was big and pale, clearly a common Redpoll, and quite possibly from the north-west

This bird below was trapped on 10 May 2009 and again was thought to be from Iceland


  1. Hi Steve, First impression was that your bird looked like Steve' to speak. Very clean front and bigish bib and bill. I was wondering if many get ringed in Iceland and after a trawl I found this page of a range of birds photo'd in a garden in the South of Iceland. Big variation but some similar to yours:

  2. Hi Steve. The bottom bird does look like the bird I saw in Iceland. Regarding the pale well-marked bird there is a note in Advanced birding regarding islandica.It said it is very variable and possibly a hybrid population between Rostrata (Greenland Common) and Arctic hornemanni (= cf Italian Sparrow ie stable Hybrid population).It said there are 2 types. One dark similar to Greenland Redpoll and one pale similar to arctic but with distinct patterning on the flanks, like your top bird.

  3. We should have that get together this spring with all the detail available and only have Redpolls as the agenda!