Friday, 9 March 2012

Icelandic Gulls - a selection of interesting photos

Gull 1. Presumed Glaucous x Glaucous/Herring Hybrid. 1st winter -1st summer plumage.
ie. the bird is almost 1 year old. (or is it almost 2 years old?).


Gull 2 . Presumed 1st Summer Kumlien's type gull (?Kumliens/Iceland cross) as darkish edge to primaries but the outermost primaries don't appear to have dark shaddowing all the way up the feathers that you may expect in a classic Kumlien's.

Gull 2.


Gull 3. Presumed 3rd winter going into 3rd summer bird. Glaucous x Glaucous/Herring Hybrid.
Or would this be a 4th winter bird?


Gull 4. Second winter Iceland Gull.

Gull 3 again.

Gull 5. Adult Glaucous Gull.

Gull 6. 3rd Winter Herring x Glaucous Hybrid

Gull 6 again.

Here's an interesting selection of Gulls I recently had in Iceland. I'm pretty happy about the species/hybrid status but I wouldn't mind a little help on the ageing as a lot of birds are probably moving out of winter into summer plumages at the start of March.

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