Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pensarn German Med Gull info.

I have received details of the Pensarn adult Mediterranean Gull that I saw there last weekend. Below is the database for the bird's travels as well as a picture of it at the nesting site just outside Berlin in Germany and another picture on the beach in Pensarn. The bird must be at least eight years old, as it was caught at the nest as an adult in 2006.

Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus
Ring Number: 5346661 Helgoland AHYY (AALL) ringed May 19, 2006, caught on the nest as an adult
Ringing Place: Pionierinsel Lühe -Landkreis Stade -Niedersachsen -Germany -53°35'N 09°36'E

Finding Date Finding place County Finder Country

01 11 07 Fishguard North Pembs Richard Dobbins WALES
03 03 08 Aberystwyth Ceridigion Terry Hobson WALES
07 04 08 Wedeler Schl Holstein B Kondziella GERMANY
17 05 08 Pionierinsel Niedersachsen Census GERMANY
16 05 09 Pionierinsel Niedersachsen Guido Seemann GERMANY
23 05 09 Pionierinsel Niedersachsen nest GERMANY
15 05 10 Pionierinsel Niedersachsen Census GERMANY
26 02 12 Pensarn beach Conwy Marc Hughes WALES

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