Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rosy glow?

The starling murmuration at RSPB Conwy has suddenly become a bit more impressive this week, with several thousand birds gathering at the A470 end of the reserve before roosting in the Trunk Roads Agency lagoons behind the sewage works (no public access). The lay-by just north of Glan Conwy is probably the best vantage point.

An email from a visitor who saw them last night reports "a single pale, light brown starling which i am fairly certain was a rose coloured starling". Intriguingly, Rob Hughes saw what he thought was a rose-coloured starling in the pre-roost in late November, but we haven't seen it since. Beware leucistic starling, of course, but it might be worth trying to get a look. Gathering is best from about 5.30 pm.

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