Sunday, 25 March 2012

Carmel Head Sunday 25th March 2012

The female Black Redstart at Ynys y Fydlyn beach.

Redlegs were calling everywhere on the way to Carmel Head this morning.

Buzzard taking off.

I had a group of 7 and 5 Crossbills moving over. (Four plus a goldfinch shown here). 100+ Redpolls including a very pale one (no photos sadly), that'll teach me to not take my walkman and speaker with me! I know, so 1980's! 250+ Siskins and .......

a flock of 14 Magpies went north off the Head but turned right to follow the coast instead of heading to the Isle off Man! I love vis-mig.

L5, for info on Choughs contact Adrienne Stratford at the RSPB.

A grey seal "spouting" prior to a dive.

3 pairs of Stonechats were in the area. BTO Cymru are doing breeding chat surveys (incl. Wheatears) this year. Any info, contact Kelvin in Bangor. Tony White had 2 Ring Ouzels at the NT Car Park yesterday.

A Stoat was checking all the Rabbit burrows for a bite to eat. It kept appearing out of different burrows. It reminded me of that game "Whack-a-mole"! I never knew which hole it would pop out of next!

Misty Wylfa dawn.

Had a fab few hours after dawn doing a "final year" survey for the North Wales Atlas at Carmel Head. If you think you can help contact your local BTO reps! I never knew Ornithology could be so much fun!!!!


  1. Cracking French Partridge photo! Any Greys left on the island?

  2. Maybe a few. Ironically Tony White met two birders who said they had a pair at Tyn Llan, Cemlyn yesterday. They may cling on at Dulas/The Braint/Aberffraw/Bodorgan. There are supposed to be a few pairs at Boddior at Rhoscolyn. I ain't had any for yonks on the Island.

    1. Thanks for the info - haven't connected with this species for years and aim to do so down your way soon.

      Local gamekeepers/shooters have released birds in several places on the Lleyn but they don't seem to survvive as well as the many Red-legs in this area.

      If this weather continued it might will be Quail under discussion!

  3. Black Redstart still at Ynys y Fydlyn beach this lunchtime (Monday). Bird was favoring the right hand side of the beach as you look towards the sea (i.e. north). There are three obvious fence posts in triangular arrangement which the bird was frequently using as a perch and flying down into the field/headland immediately inland. A Stoat (one photographed or another was on a stone wall ~ 200 yards before the beach. 57 Sandwich Terns at Cemlyn and 2 Med Gulls.