Saturday, 23 April 2011

Great day for Wales but nowt in the north!

An amazing day for rare birds in Wales today with 2 Bee-eaters, Long billed Dowitcher, Purple Heron, Woodchat Shrike, Dotterel and more! But not one of these north of the Dyfi Estuary, come on there has to be good birds in the north?! Time to re-double our efforts and find some great birds!

For details of todays rare birds Birdline Wales on 09068 700248

See you at the rarity tomoz!

Alan and Ruth


  1. Did Marc find all of these?

  2. Eh I found a Fieldfare at Burwen yesterday - don't knock it! I'm doing a lot of tetrads (finally!) for the last summer of the atlas. The way I got my head round it is "every tetrad is a new mini bird-race!" Try it it's great. Although four 6am starts on the trot has taken it's toll, I feel light headed and slightly nauseous, but otherwise it's great. Contact your local BTO rep/go online and go for it.