Friday, 8 April 2011

Purple Heron access

If you're thinking of heading over to see this bird over the weekend purely speaking from experience it’s probably best to park in Dwyran village on lane heading east from the Church in the village.  Park by the last few houses on the left and go through the kissing gate before the last houses (see southern pink line on pic).  View from the 2nd field with gorse looking north which offers good views over the area (circled yellow).

The church on the lane to the north offers parking for only 1 car with no turning area and no other parking is available along this single track lane so is best avoided.  If you really want to view from the north it would be better walk up from the A4080 and would only take 5-10 minutes but is likely quicker than driving up and down and not being able to park at all.

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