Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Purple Heron

An adult Purple Heron at Dwyran, east of Newbrough for its second day! Showing well this pm but please view only from a distance it will be easy to flush the bird as it is on a small pond. Do not try and get that little bit closer for a better pic, leave the bird in peace so we can all enjoy it! Park by the village church then take footpath opposite across field to view FROM A DISTANCE! SH 448 664 Very sad to report that already the bird has been repeatedly flushed by a man with a large lens! What on earth gave this idiot the right to leave the path then chase the bird around god only knows!! If you know who it was, he was wearing a white bobble hat, please name and shame him and lets ban him from every forum possible! Please dont stand for this pathetic behaviour speak out and lets try and stop birds being disturbed. These mind less idiots are ruining birding for the majority of birders and photographers who know how to behave near wild birds. Alan and Ruth http://www.thebiggesttwitch.com/

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  1. It must have returned as It flew once more 10 mins before i got there to another reedy area 200m to the west. Hope it hasnt gone too far. Shame it was getting pushed around. Suppressing may be one answer or exact location withheld.