Sunday, 10 April 2011

Redpoll sp headaches Great Orme 10th April

What a morning.  SEO, Rouzel, Tree Pipit, Garden War, Gropper, Yellow Wag, 2 Lap Bunts, 9 Golden Plover and Dotterel still on the Orme this morning.  Reports of RRS flying off out to sea too -update later.

Interestingly though we tried some taping Redpoll as around 300+ passed over head and it instantly worked with small parties coming in and landing.  Amongst these were some intrigueing birds:

 Redpoll 1- I'd call a Meally, pale rump, pale lines on back and clean underparts
 Redpoll 2: Lesser with slight orange poll
 Redpoll 3: Not decided yet- wasnt convinced Artic-more like pale Meally? improved images added since first post:

 Redpoll 4: Lesser with pale patch-a few had white lines on the back
 Redpoll 5: Another Meally to me- pale with good rose to breast and pale rump.

Redpoll 6 is the best though and Marc will post a photo later- possible greenland race, a bigger bird with extensive black face.  TBC

Mixed flock as they landed.  Goldfinch is the lefthand bird:

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  1. Redpolls are a nightmare. Speak to Steve on Bardsey he gets lots of Mealy types this time of year including some really weird ones which you cannot specifically identify. I think redpolls are the only British bird you can ring without identifying them to species level, ie the ringers put them down as Redpoll sp.