Thursday, 21 April 2011

hybrid award?

Got to Conwy RSPB quite early this morning to see what was about and thought I was seeing things as a result... surely this would be in the running if there ever was a hybrid award!!

Mallard x Teal Hybrid
Photoshop before my eyes! Was nice to see the sedge and reed warblers showing along with a nice suprise of a Common Scoter on the lagoon at the far end of the reserve. My focus was a sub alp or sardinian warbler, but think that'll have to be one for the orme next week!


  1. I think it might be even weirder.... i noticed this a couple of weeks ago and think it is the same bird which has been present for 3-4 years or so. When i first saw it one autumn in eclipse plumage i wasn't sure what it was, though i found an image of an eclipse Black Duck which looked very similar and got me worried for a while! However, i think it's an intersex bird - genetically a female, but hormonally male!
    Or something.
    ATB Mike.

  2. I think your right, it was with a Drake mallard, which I thought was odd anyway, but that's bizarre how its an intersex bird going through an eclispe stage and all that! Interesting.

  3. Just started blogging here and found your site by accident. Lovely pictures and interesting blogs. We tend to visit the Conwy RSPB as we live in Llandudno

  4. Drake Teal and Drake Mallard-very elton john! Not that theres anything wrong with that!