Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Returning LB Brents reports received

The 3 Darvic ringed LB-Brent Geese at Beddmanarch Bay on 27.02.11 included 
AS'heart' wich was ringed at nest site on Sabine Peninsular, Melville Island, Alaska in 2005 and has returned to the Foryd, Beddmanarch or Northern Ireland since each winter.

2C was ringed in Dundrum Co Down 2008 and visited Blautós/Grunnafjör, Iceland most of May 2008 and wintered in N Ireland in 08/09-09/10

ZD was ringed in Álftanes, SW Iceland in 2009 and spent the last two winters at Beddmanarch.

Wouldnt mind paying homage to Sabine Peninsular!

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