Monday, 11 April 2011

North Wales in the sunshine!!

Had a great day yesterday. Got up early hoping to track down a north wales mega. I have twice heard a calling lesser spotted woodpecker this week from my Wrexham house. Was out at dawn hoping to track it down but had no luck! Will keep trying. This is my first record in Wrexham area for years. Then was undecided as to whether to head for the hills or to the Orme. Got message from Marc early on that the dotterel was still present, but decided a quick look around the local woods and moors should be worthwhile. Got my first singing pied flys and redstarts of the year. A gropper was reeling away with loads if willow warblers and chiffchaffs in the bushes. Sadly i was out away from a mobile signal but was then shocked to see what i missed on the Orme. Gutted! Headed straight there and was made up to see the dotterel but sadly everything else had done one. Next stop purple heron. This was showing supurbly when we arrived. A great day, 2 Welsh ticks and a bit of sunburn as well in early April! On a side note. I am off to South West Turkey for a week in early May staying at Dalyan. Anyone have any gen on the area?? Cheers Kev.

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