Monday, 11 April 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Back up the Great Orme full of expectations, what mega rarity would be amongst the hordes of commoner migrants? Well, should have known, the wind had picked up the sky was leaden and the birds had gone. Well not quite, the Dotterel still zoomed overhead calling wildly, seems to be its chosen morning routine, never saw it on the deck. A few redpolls sp headed north but none came down for me to puzzle over. A Tree Pipit went over and a Common Whitethroat gave his scratchy song near the cemetry and that was that. Just I was nearing the car, to head home for breakfast, two birds came flying head on towards me very close. It second to realise that I was watching a pigeon being pursued by a Peregrine! I do not think the pigeon saw the falcon as it took no evasive action as the Peregrine caught it up and grabbed it! It all happened so smoothly, and right above my head! No rarity but my pulse was certainly racing after seeing that, magic! Still space on our trip this wednesday, 13th April, when we head into the uplands in search of very special birds indeed, why not join us? Alan and Ruth 07778 677141

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