Saturday, 2 April 2011

Upland Birds

Spent the day in the hills today. Plenty of Raptors up soaring including Peregrine, Red Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels, Sparrowhawk and Goshawk. The Gos put up a flock of 15 Curlew who fled in alarm from their displaying duties as it flew over the moor, miles away from any trees!

Plenty of Meadow Pipits and Skylarks displaying and several Wheatear have made it up to their breeding grounds. Raven and Red-legged Partridge also noted along with a Swallow back on it's upland farm. A single Willow Warbler was singing away and Chiff-chaff everywhere.

This Wheatear coughed up a pellet!

Meadow Pipit

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  1. Amazing to capture the Wheatear pic. Cheers Dew.