Monday, 14 May 2012

Arrested for too much time Birding in the School Nature Gardens!

St David's Hospice do an amazing job every day here in Llandudno, helping those who have their lives cut short. I've recently seen their work at first hand with two dear friends spending their last days there recently. The Hospice is struggling to stay open year on year and rely completely on charity and people's kindness. Last week I was arrested by North Wales Police for spending too much time birdwatching in the school gardens when I should have been sitting behind my desk doing paperwok! The children from school all turned out to watch and wave me off in the Police van with blue flashing lights. I am serving my time on Saturday, May 19th, locked up on Llandudno Band Stand for all to see. For those of you who are birdwatchers, you'll know that being locked up on May 19th, one of the prime birding days of the year, will be a nightmare for me. Please help me raise money by donating to this great cause through my fundraising page Every penny would be so apprecaited. Cheers Marc

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