Monday, 28 May 2012

Presumed Continental Red Kites on Anglesey

 The above 6 shots were of 2 of the four birds (all visible at the same time)  I had at Llanrhuddlad over the road and feeding on carrion (A5025) about 5km SW of Cemaes Bay on Saturday 26th May.
 This Red Kite (above) flew over my estate as I walked out of the front door on Sunday 27th  May at 7.20 am.It showed 6 obvious primary fingers, presumably because the inner-most primaries still need to grow.
 A presumed resident Red Kite in the Conwy Valley taken this Sunday. Note 5 "fingers".
 A five fingered Red Kite in fine fettle at Rhayader (February).
 A six fingered Black Kite in February at Rhayadr a few years back (2010). Although it shows six fingers its a stockier bird, less "floppy" with a squarer tail, more like a cross between a Red Kite and a Marsh Harrier.
The same first year Rhayadr Black Kite.

One of my biggest Bogey birds for Anglesey has been Red Kite. I've never been in the right place at the right time. On Saturday morning when I was in St Helens, even a lady I used to work with text me to tell me she was watching two Red Kites over Beaumaris at 9.20am! When I came back to Anglesey later that day as I came over the brow of the hill at Llanrhuddladd there were 2 Kites over the road, at last! I jumped out of the car and scanned around and to my amazement I could see 4 Kites at once and rattled off a few photos! A few passers by even stopped to enjoy the birds.
Next day I had another Red Kite as I walked out of my front door, amazing! I got a shot off. It was a Red kite but had 6 obvious fingers which I always thought was a feature of Black Kites? I've included some Black Kite photos but presume the Red Kite over my estate simply hadn't fully grown it's innermost primaries so it had 6 fingers (possible ID pitfall, so structure/colouration should be carefully noted too). Otherwise it was a typical Red Kite.
Over the weekend there were 3 at Llansadwrn on Friday, 2 Beaumaris, 4 Llanrhuddladd, 2 Llyn Llewenan, 2 Llanfair PG and 1 Malltraeth Marsh on Saturday with 1 at Cemaes on Sunday, amazing. Presumably these will be birds from the migratory northern European population that had been pushed west by a few days of Easterly winds into the UK and Anglesey!


  1. i have seen a pair of kites in Bryncir (6 miles north of porthmadog) can anybody confirm if they are local birds or visitors please?

  2. Saw one today 02.10.2017 not far from Bryncir.