Monday, 14 May 2012

Eagle Owl in Benllech (really)?

I had a call at 10.30pm one night over the weekend by a chap who was adamant he had seen an Eagle Owl that evening at Benllech. I asked if it was a real one (as plastic ones are commonly used as bird-scarers nower-days) and he was certain as he saw it's head moving! He was a little concerned that I wasn't interested enough to go over but I pointed out it was 10.30pm and I had had a beer. I did think of seeing if Martin could check it out but he told me his wife had a photo of it, so she sent it to my wife's phone and Bingo, as suspected Diagnosis = plastic Owl (Bubo plasticus ssp). So that saved Martin a trip and me being in his bad-books. The chap still took a bit of convincing but he believed me in the end.
On a different yet similar note a shiver went down my spine recently when BB arrived and the notorious Steller's Eider photo was in BB amongst the article on Ornithological fraud!!! Who was Maurice Baker?????

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