Sunday, 27 May 2012

Spring hots up

Temperatures are already high by 10am on the island. Yesterday's Black Kite was seen at 0610 so may well have roosted on the island overnight. Sorry about the poor image quality of the back of my SLR.

The bird was seen later over Uwhcynydd by Kim Atkinson.

Yesterday evening a hippo was seen briefly in Cristin Withy, probably an Icy with the number there are about but we shall never know. No sign today so far. However the stakeout of the withy produced first of all a Firecrest. Only the second in 12 months. And the a little later a common Rosefinch. This bird was mobile and was eventually lured into a trap.

It is fantastically sunny and the island looks wonderfully green for the time of year.

This morning there were several redpolls about. On was fabulous. It had completely white Under tail coverts and was basically monochrome with no warmth in its plumage, massive white wing bars and very boldly streaked flanks. Another non-Welsh bird, but from where it is from I wish I only knew.

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