Monday, 21 May 2012

Courser, Bradnor Hill, Herefordshire

Wow!  Bleary-eyed turning my phone alarm off this morning, like many other people, I also made out a series of messages along the lines of "CCC, Hereford, f###laming heck".  A few hours later saw John R, Kev 'crutch' and I on England's highest golf course in blazing sunshine watching a crippling full adult Cream-coloured Courser running around the 8th fairway and adjacent area of short bracken.  In all the excitement my camera was on a low rez setting and together with a 'respectable' distance and heat-haze they're quite poor but you get the gist. 
Nicely unblocked from the smug Scilly crew.  Very pleased that other NW birders got there today too.


  1. Highest golf course in England - yet only half a mile from Wales. What a bird!!!

  2. Amazing bird. Little to think when I woke up I would add this to my UK list. Next stop the Orme?
    Worth the struggle on the crutches!