Friday, 15 June 2012

Eagle over World's End!

Had a phone call last night, Thursday, just as we were dashing out, about a bird she had seen over Llandegla. The lady was very familiar with the common birds of the area and obviously someone who noticed birds if not a keen birdwatcher. On Thursday morning she had seen "a huge bird" which at first glance she thought was a heron then quickly realised was a massive bird of prey. She said "it was just huge compared to the Buzzards we see daily here", the bird flew almost directly over head and as it turned she could see a white tail. After looking on the internet she is completly sure it was a White tailed Eagle! Well worth looking out for if your over in the World's End/Llandegla arae. Mind you given how six White Storks managed to go missing in NE Wales earlier in the Spring... On a different note we are helping raise money for Brain Tumour UK, following friends of ours daughter battle with a tumour. We are giving a new talk about The Biggest Twitch, plenty of different pics and stories, at Eirias High School, Colwyn Bay, on Wednesday 11th July 2012 at 7.30pm be great if we could get a big turn out! More details here Or if you can't make it along on the night it would be brilliant if you could make a donation please visit Many thanks! And hope to see lots of birders on the 11th July! Alan and Ruth


  1. Another report of a White tailed Eagle near Llandegla seen in a field at 10am on Thursday! Better get up there!

  2. A White tailed Eagle flew over Congleton, Cheshire on 26/05/2012 4 O'Clockish. Very high up and very large heading north parallel to the Pennines. Having seen them in Scotland there was doubt what is was, there was a flash of white as it turned and the light caught it's tail.


    Tony Brooke