Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Night(mare) Heron

I was asked on Monday (18th) if I could confirm a report of a Night Heron in Montgomeryshire. Sure enough when I got there, this fine chap was sat on the edge of the river feeding. What a result I thought until I looked at the photo a little more closely. The bird has a ring on its right leg, and from the photo I cant tell if it's a ringers ring or whether it's an escaped bird from a collection?

I haven't revealed the location, because as yet I haven't been able to sort out permission for access as it is on private land, and the bird has not been seen since, despite several more visits to look for it. Should the bird reappear, I will do my very best to arrange access.

Any comments welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Paul,

    Unfortunately I think your bird is someone's pet! The ring appears to be a rather slim aluminium alloy ring looking at your picture. If you have any more shots of the bird's legs and ring from different angles I would be able to tell better. There is quite a lot of dirt on the ring and from this one image hard to see its height clearly. If you want to email another image to me I will give you my opinion. But whatever it is a fantastic looking bird.