Friday, 22 June 2012

Rose Coloured Starling on Anglesey near Valley

When leaving work tonight I got a phone-call from someone with a Rose Coloured Starling in their garden. I went to check it out and it was still there when I arrived feeding in the back garden. Whilst still a nice bright adult bird it was nowhere near as bright as the Adult Male at Rhos on Sea. It had a small crest and the black feathers on the back of the neck, primaries and secondaries were quite browny and not that glossy. Also the scapulars are a bit dirty looking. I'm not sure if this would be an adult female or 2nd cal year ( 1 year old) male. Any ideas? I asked about putting the news out and he wasn't keen as it has been hunkering down in back gardens in a busy estate where observing the bird would be difficult. Also some neighbours weren't keen on the idea of twitchers on the estate and he quoted bad behaviour at the Baillion's Crake as being one of his reasons!. I told him it probably wouldn't be a big issue due to most people from North Wales and the North West having had access to the bird at Rhos on Sea recently.
However if anyone has a massive "NEED" to see this bird let me know and if things change I will let you know ASAP. The bird has been there for 3 days now.


  1. There must be a influx as I had news of an adult in a garden in Pensarn all last weekend!

  2. Anyone know how many RC Starlings have been seen in N Wales this year? With the two juvenile birds being seen at Nefyn & Holyhead earleir in the year I'm wondering whether these latest sightings are part of the recent influx or these earlier birds.