Monday, 25 June 2012

PGP at Cley

Its great when you book a night away and the day before you go a mega turns up 2 miles from where you're going to be staying.  Even better when its still there when you get there.  A brisk walk round to the north scrape at Cley saw the Plover a good range.  Only phone-scoped as 'someone' has dropped my compact!

I knew it was there but I hadn't realised it was going to be s/p so that was a nice surprise.  Started panicking tho because I hadn't swotted up the subtle differences!  Last one I saw was in Cairns in winter plumage in 2008!

 One of several Spotted Redshank at Titchwell where there were also several Little Gull and 2 Green Sand. Phone-scoped.

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  1. Was only talking about the PGP tonight! what a bird! If only mileage and petrol wasn't such an issue!! Well done!