Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rose Coloured Starling, Pensarn

I had a lady contact me today to say she'd had a RCS feeding her garden most of last weekend at the same time the Rhos bird was about so I'm guessing that would rule out the Rhos bird! Her bird feed all weekend and left on Monday. Here's a couple of pics anyway!

Doesn't seem to have much of a crest unlike the Rhos bird... I reckon its a different bird, what does everyone else think?


  1. Hi Alex. I agree this looks like a different bird. Not as bright and less of a crest. 3 in north Wales and sadly none on my well stocked feeders!

  2. The bird looks to be the same age as the Valley bird which ironically was first seen on Monday the 18th June, the date the Pensarn bird disappeared. The Valley bird was first seen at 4pm.

  3. Those black markings on the back look very similar too. Rhos on Sea bird seen briefly again today at number 85!