Thursday, 7 June 2012

Little Egrets and Bob the goldfish.

Another 37 Little egrets were ringed in North Wales at the start of the week and thanks to Tony, Kelvin, Adrienne and Hamza for a great morning.  Please look out for and report any field sightings of the colour-ringed Little Egrets.

However random story of the day went to Tony and his admiral saving of Bob the goldfish whilst in the call of duty (ringing).  So he (Bob) was discovered on the woodland floor beneath the heronry and was presumably captured from a pond, swallowed by an adult heron, then regurgitated for a chick but somehow avoided being eaten and fell to the forest floor.  Here, some time later and surely facing a grim end following a monumental (for a goldfish) free-fall, he was spotted by Tony who just happened to be ringing in the area and realized Bob was still alive.  He put him temporarily in a woodland pool nearby, then transferred to a bottle of water nose-first and transported to mid Wales to another garden pond and, hopefully, a less traumatic life.

Surely a story for News of the World?


  1. Best story on WBNW ever, Connor wants to see a photo of Bob, and Emma says that Tony is a Hero.

  2. You should write that up for BB....or the Grahame Norton show!